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    As a leader in performance exhaust systems ProRacing®, it is critical to possess the racing mind-set, a culmination of experience and engineering put to the test on all the racing circuits of the world. This is the only way we can guarantee top performance levels also for products on or off the track.

    Over the years ProRacing® has been writing the soundtrack for some of the most successful and powerful Sportbikes in the world.
 And from the start of this venture, one of the cornerstones of our philosophy has always been our involvement with the racing world.

    For a company wanting to reach a point of excellence in the competitive racing world, a commitment is a must. 
It is a fact, only by testing and developing products under the most demanding conditions makes this possible.  Using our years of experience and skill we develop the high-performance products that outperform day after day in competition, and under every possible driving condition.

    It was our engineering, workmanship and testing that built the full titanium system (Grade 1 Aerospace Titanium) that won the world championship at the World SBK in Portugal this past September. Our system gave 2 more horsepower than any of its world-wide performance competitors. This bike with our exhaust, achieved the Highest Top Speed and won the World Championship.