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    Frequently Asked Questions


    You don’t list any products for my motorcycle, can my bike be used for development?

    We don’t make custom exhausts; however, we are always after development bikes for up-and coming models. If you’re willing to loan your bike for development, please contact us at: ProExhausts@gmail.com

    How long is my exhaust guaranteed for?

    As long as you are the original purchaser and the exhaust is fitted to the vehicle for which it is intended then our motorcycle exhausts are covered by a lifetime anti-corrosion and manufacturing defect warranty.  See warranty details: https://www.proracingexhaust.com/pages/warranty

    Will my original exhaust need cutting?

    Possibly, most link pipes and silencer combinations are designed to fit without cutting.  However, there are some models where it is necessary. When this is necessary, we will supply you with detailed instructions.

    What horsepower gains can I expect with my new ProRacing® exhaust system?

    Each motorcycle has its own characteristics so it’s not possible to state a specific number.  In general, horsepower gains range from 5 – 10%, but this can vary due to the age and condition of the bike. Full systems in general provide the greatest horsepower increase.

    ProRacing 2015 - 2016 Yamaha R1 Header study vs Akrapovič

    Do you offer product repair services?

    Yes, we will assist as much as possible.  What we can offer is often dependent on the extent of the damage and can usually be assessed if pictures are emailed in to our technical department. These can be sent to our Technical Service Department: ProExhausts@gmail.com

    What materials do you use in the manufacturing of ProRacing® Exhaust products?

    Because our products are used on high performance motorcycles,  and on bikes used for racing, ProRacing® only uses the very best high-performance materials.  We use T304/316 stainless steel, Grade 1 titanium, high temperature carbon fiber, and high grade mild steel in components such has heavy gauge mounting flanges.


    Are your full systems, decats, mid-pipes, link pipes, and silencers really all hand welded?

    Yes, all our welding is done under very strict quality control conditions where nothing is left to chance. Special chambers and gasses are used to provide the perfect environment, for the perfect weld.  As you study our product photos you will agree our welders are some of the very best in the world.

    Can I purchase a replacement dB killer for my ProRacing® exhaust silencer?

    Yes, these are available for the model they are intended to fit. If you’re not able to identify the exact one you require, then email pictures showing the outlet of your ProRacing® exhaust to our technical department so they can better assist you: ProExhausts@gmail.com

    Do ProRacing® silencers ever need re-packing?

    Due to the quality of our internal construction, and high specifications of the materials we use, our silencers never require re-packing and are covered by our life time guarantee.

    Will my motorcycle need a remap after fitting a new ProRacing® exhaust system?

    All our motorcycle products are develop using state of the art dyno technology. Power gains and fuel mixtures are confirmed, which means factory setting do not have to be adjusted. Just fit and ride.


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    If you discover any defects, omissions or missing imagery; please report this direct to our IT Manager at: ProExhausts@gmail.com

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